Wanna Know – The Foreign Exchange

The first time I heard this song I thought “I want my first dance at my wedding to be to this song”.

Yeah, I know, its so not what you think a “first dance” song should be…but I”m different like that.

Then I thought “LK is probably the only guy who would appreciate his future wife choosing this song for their first dance”.

One of the many reasons why I love he.

  • Luq

    And I see you got the twitter code working… good for you.

  • Luq

    Thats wassup… 🙂my favorite line from the album…“that’s ok, i wanted to play xbox on the big tv anyway…” did you listen to their first album yet? (it’s called connected)I’m curious to know what you think since you’ve heard this one first…oh yea… you NEED to get your hands on Zo! and Tigallo Sing the 80s if you really enjoy Phonte’s amazingness as much as I do

  • Jubilance

    Yeah, I bought Connected too…I love them both but I’ve been listening to Leave It All Behind more…But I really like Connected too.I’m gonna get on that album, thanks for the suggestion…can we keep the musical suggestions coming though? Thanks!