5-5: What’s The Deal With…

Dudes that are lazy as hell when it comes to dating?

You know what I’m talking about…the dudes who think sitting at home in front of the tv is a “date”…who expect women to pay for everything…who expect sex within the first week.


I met one of these lazy ass men last week…and what makes it even worse is that he’s young!  Which means that all the young girls he’s been dealing with have put up with & fed into his lazy behavior.  I don’t blame him for working this tactic, who wouldn’t want to sit back and let someone else do all the work?  But in me, he met a woman who is not gonna let him be lazy…too bad for him.

What do you think abt folks who are lazy when it comes to dating?  I’m sure that some men feel like the ladies are lazy on the dating front…so what constitutes putting in work?  Speak on it!

  • LM

    Gurl, you know we’ve already discussed this. And I was getting upset just reading this. I’m not the one who will “sponsor” a dude. I don’t have anything against taking a dude out and picking up the tab but it will be reciprocated if he doesn’t want to be kicked to the island of lost men.
    At the same time, I’m not going to hate on the game if women/men can be lazy and get away with it. I’m just not the one so don’t even think it.

  • Sigh***

    Enablers (both men, women & mommies & daddies) make it hard. I think you can let him know your expectations, but just know, he may not change, since he is “use” to a certain dating lifestyle.