9/23: What’s the Deal With….

Everyone posting about FwB?

FwB = Friend with Benefits = someone you’re humping, but actually like them enough to be seen with them. Usually FwBs can go to dinner together, or catch a movie, but they aren’t in a committed monogamous relationship. They’re humping & seeing what happens. Normally the guy will be happy continuing this setup for years, while at some point the woman will be frustrated that she hasn’t transitioned to GF and either end it or just complain (and still put up with it).

Is there some kind of FwB epidemic going on and nobody told me? Cause with the number of posts lately I’m feeling smothered.

The fellas over at Single Black Male did a piece on how a chick can leap from FwB to GF (short answer: you can ask but most likely he won’t agree, so just cut your losses).

Anesidora talked about what’s going on the ladies brains & why FwB’s may not be a good look.

My homie Sinnerx from Twitter laid out the rules of a FwB situation.

Even Brandon St. Randy (aka FarajiFTW on the Twitter) got into the mix – though his post references jumpoffs – but close enough.

And these are just the blogs I read! So I know there’s more out there that I just haven’t seen.

Did everybody run out of stuff to talk about? Or has there been a bunch of FwBs swerving outta their lanes, and thus folks need to blog about it to folks back in their lanes?

For me its just overkill…but I’m sure someone out there benefitted from this info…

  • Reecie

    ohmigosh I had the same thought this morning! between this and the Hofstra rape case–which can be interwoven in the sex talk I’m over it! LOL. I read most of those you named and I’m trying to find something lighthearted to get my mind right! LOL

  • Tunde

    sex is a topic that is never going to get old. so its natural that people will blog about all variations of it. it is what it is.