All About Jubilance

Who is Jubilance?

-Blogger (and pseudo-writer)


-Mad scientist

– Lover


-Bestest friend you’ll ever have

-Aspiring entrepreneur

-Social media junkie

-Peer pressure-er (LOL)

-Auntie to the cutest children on Earth

-(Sort of) reformed party girl

-Lover of music, movies, books, theater, and art

-Twin Cities resident

-Proud alumna of Univ. of Minnesota & Georgia Tech

-Fabulous handbag addict

-Feminist (and proud of it)


-Avid traveler

-Hater of Florida

-Whisky drinker


-Avid football fan

-Technophile (without the funds to indulge as often as I would like)

-Lover of Ketel One, Jay-Z, Nooka watches & all things fabulous

-All-around fab chick

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