Better late than never, right?

I should have blogged a long time ago, and I’ve been meaning to do that, but I’ve been busy…with the pretend job, and my real job, and trying to not be a loser. And you guys really haven’t been missing much, my life has been pretty boring. Just work, work and time my boyfriend, DVR. Thats it.

My mom is here this weekend…great times. We did the Orlando Science Center, Busch Gardens, and some shopping. I’ll be seeing her and the rest of my family for Memorial Day Weekend…can’t wait.

Also can’t wait for Atlanta Greek Picnic…its gonna be lots of fun and I’m planning to drop at least another 15 pounds before I go…I can do it, and waiting to look great is definitely motivation.

I love it when my mom is in town, we always have a great time…She also told me some stuff that I never knew before…very interesting…

I also got a freakin ticket on my way to Tampa…for doing 80 in a 55…I hate FL state troopers! I’m going to traffic school, cause I don’t want to give them $200….