Can people change?

Do you think its possible? How long do you think it takes?

If you don’t think people can change, do you treat the same no matter what, even if their behavior may indicate that they have changed?

Sometimes it sucks when you change (or are changing) and people don’t give you the opportunity to show them that you are a different person. You’ll always be that same person to them and they will treat you accordingly. I’m still struggling with dealing with people who refuse to recognize that I’ve changed.

Then again, I didn’t change for those people, I changed for myself, because I wanted to be better and do better. Its unfortunate that I have to deal with such closeminded people.

  • Melinda

    People can change. Anything is possible. The likelihood of change however is slim to none. Most people live blissfully in ignorance and comfort or damn near have to hit rock bottom For change to be authentic some kind of spiritual awakening has to happen even if that’s on a small level.