Check this out….

A while back I was kicking with this kid CM, who only made it into the blog once.

Well, a few months ago I kicked him off the team cause he was getting on my nerves. I told him I wasn’t talking to him anymore and deleted his number immediately. About a week after that, he texted me, asking if I really wasn’t gonna talk to him, and I didn’t reply….what was the point? I was done with him.

So imagine my surprise to get this text Sunday morning:

This is Charles. I am moving back to California. If you haven’t done so already, lose my phone number. Don’t call or text me. Any reply will be ignored…..


How hilarious is that?

I got rid of his number MONTHS ago…and now he wants to send me a text? GTFOH!

How incredibly homo of Charles to send me that text, when he knew good and well that I hadn’t talked to him in months. Clearly I was on his mind and clearly he wanted me to know how pressed he was about my absence from his life.

Can you diss someone that got rid of you a while ago?

  • Anonymous

    does he have big hips to match his bitch ways?

  • Anonymous

    That’s absolutely bananas. Don’t take it personally, something tells me that was a mass email to everyone he was trying to rid of his life. You probably just got it because he still had YOUR number in his phone. -J

  • Luq

    so first off… that was funny… cuz is definitely wack… don’t even bother… unless you respond with a haha… that might be fun… otherwise leave it…secondly… i love the label for this post… hopefully this becomes an ongoing serious….