Finally Leaving #TeamBlackberry – What Phone Should I Get?

It’s been a very long time coming…but I’m finally emancipating myself from my oppressor, RIM.

My Blackberry Bold was once good to me…but now it’s akin to walking around with a Razr…or even worse, a Zach Morris phone.

So now comes the hard part – picking a new phone. I don’t have a lot of requirements, beyond the following:

  • It has to fit in my cute little clutches
  • It can’t be a Blackberry
  • Relatively easy to use – I need to do email, text, take pics, social networking, & use GPS
  • On the Sprint Network

Clearly I haven’t gotten a new phone in a while cause there are way too many damn options on the Sprint website.

Just looking through the site, here are the ones I like so far:

iPhone 4s – obvious choice & what I originally thought I was going to get. Pros – small so it will fit in my clutches; tons of apps; easy to use; and finally on Sprint. Cons: I’m not calibrated to the touchscreen yet so I make a lot of typos 🙁

iPhone 4 – essentially the same argument as for the 4s, just $100 cheaper.

HTC EVO Shift 4G – the smaller version of the EVO, with a slide-out keyboard for those of us who like/need buttons. IDK how I feel about the slide-out keyboard, I feel like I’m back in 2005 using a Sidekick. Pros: small; got a keyboard; runs Android. Cons: battery life could be a problem later; bad reviews online.


Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch – damn is the name for the phone so damn long??? Anyway, this phone is super cute & apparently very thin, which is a plus. Pros: thin & lightweight; good battery life; runs Android; large screen. Cons: GPS is buggy according to reviews: touch-screen only (no keyboard).


Nexus S 4G from Google – to me this phone doesn’t look much different from the Samsung phone in terms of appearance. Pros: runs Android; integration w/Google Voice (which I love & use A LOT); wi-fi. Cons: glitchy; freezes often; poor battery life.

Right now, just based on what I’ve seen before, I’m stuck between the iPhone 4/4s & the Samsung.

Any other phones I should look at? And most importantly, what should I get???


  • The Nexus is garbage, I’ve heard. I have the 4 (Siri was not worth the extra $100 for me) and like it. I eventually got used to the touch screen but I had an iPod Touch for a long time before getting my iPhone.

    If I remember right, the EVO is a GIANT phone, but I think it has both on screen and a pull out keyboard, doesn’t it?

    If you’re a tinkerer (like to change things like icons and screens and launchers, etc, you might want to go Droid. I know they are more versatile that way. I’m not much of a tinkerer, outside of adding apps and changing the wallpaper. 

  • Crap, that was me. Forgot to sign out of my other personality, LOL. 

  • I never like the BlackBerry as an everyday smartphone. It’s excellent in the business/productivity realm. RIM overreached when it started marketing its phones for everyday use.

    It appears that you know what you want. It’s now just a matter of aesthetics and pricing. See what you can get for the best price. I’d take the iPhone 4S out since it seems like it’s just the iPhone with Siri.

  • Andrew

    Wish I could help ya, but I am team blackberry and team Verizon.  Good luck with your purchase.

  • Weifers

    I agree with MJones regarding Siri.  If you think you need a personal assistant, then get iPhone 4S.  I have the iPhone 4S and hardly ever use Siri.  I probably should have saved myself the $100 and bought something else with it.  I know you like purses…what can you get for $100?  You can also iMessage, which allows iPhone users with the new operating system to instant message for free.  So if you have to pay for text messages with your phone plan, like I do, it really helps.  But, if I remember right, Sprint has a plan with unlimited text messaging…