Five Things My Next Job Will Allow Me To Do


Bye-bye lab!

It wasn’t until I took the job I have now that I realized how good I had it at my old job *sigh* I was so desperate to get out of Orlando & also get promoted (which I totally deserved) that I took the job I have now, and I gave up a lot of perks. Hindsight is 20/20 & while I love Mpls & being out of Florida…if I had to do it over again, I’d still be at my old job & making the best out of Orlando.

Now that I’ve learned not to take just any old job, I know that I don’t have much longer in Corporate America. My goal is to become an entrepreneur, but until that happens, I have to continue as a cog in the corporate wheel, but continuing in my current position is not an option. So I’m on the job hunt yet again. Not only do I want to get out of the lab & develop new skills, but there are some other things that I’m looking for the new job to offer.

So, five things my next job will allow me to do:

* Wear dresses/skirts to work – When I started working, I spent 100% of my time in a lab environment. My lab time is down to about 50-75% but that’s still a big chunk of my time. Being in the lab means I have to wear long pants, along with a lab coat, safety glasses & safety shoes. And I often get dirty or work with harsh chemicals, so I don’t wear nice clothes to work. I’d love to wear a skirt or dress to work, along with heels, because I’ve never done it before.

* Have an office with a door – Having a cubicle is a sign that you’re so completely unimportant. Like you don’t even have a full wall! You can’t do anything without your coworkers being all up in your biz. Cubicle life is a sad existence. Which is why I want an actual office – 4 walls with a door that I can close so folks can stay outta my biz & I can work in peace. It doesn’t have to have a window, but 4 walls & a door are an absolute must.

* Use my phone in my office – I really took for granted how important it is to use your phone at work. At my old job, I had my phone in my lab coat pocket all day & I was a tweeting, Gchatting, texting, BBm-ing, emailing fool all damn day. And then I got the job I have now, and I realized that I now sit in the basement of the building so I don’t get any kind of signal at all. Luckily my company policy allows access to Gmail, Twitter & FB, so I haven’t gone completely crazy. But I’m close. It’s a damn shame that I can’t use my phone during my work day.

* Telecommute and/or have a flex schedule – Since I am a chemist & I run laboratory instrumentation, it’s kind of hard to telecommute in my current role. Which is one of the many reasons why I want to transition to a new career, cause I’m tired of having to commute to work everyday. And working M-F? SUCKS! Especially when I used to work a 9/80 schedule at my old job so I had every other Friday off. I’m telling yall, I had no idea how many perks I would be giving up when I took this damn job….hindsight…Anyway, I need to have the option to either work from home, or have a flex schedule (9/80 or 4/10) or a combo of both. I’m so tired of going to work every damn day.

* Travel for work – I really miss traveling for work. At my old job (damn I’ve said that a lot huh?) I was on the university relations recruiting team, and I’d visit colleges doing career fairs & interviews. I also got to attend training courses at various facilities. So far, 16 months into the new gig, I have gone NOWHERE. I finally get to take my first two trips this summer, to Baltimore & Chicago. I wouldn’t want a job where I’m constantly on the road, but I hate being static, especially when I work for a company that is so global.

Damn…after typing all that, I don’t know how I even get out the bed & go to work everyday…my job sucks! I need a new one stat.

What are you looking for in your next job? What perks do you have now?

  • Reset your life sister

    Hey Jubi, Your post really hit home! Keep your eye on that goal i.e. entrepreneurship and remember that sometime you have to leave the old pastures for new ones as a way of breaking yourself out of your comfort zone and acquiring new skills necessary for a greater level of confidence and competence when that time does come. Trust even complete freedom from “the plantation” as we like to call it here comes with its own set of challenges but I know you will be ready to take those on!

    Best of luck in your new post and for your professional life to come!