Getting what I deserve?

*Note: I’m really not trying to be whiny with this post, thanks*

Last night someone told me that I deserve “more” than him…whatever “more” means.

I feel some kinda way about that. Mostly cause I don’t know what it means.

I mean really, “deserving more”? That’s so vague. Deserve more in what way?

How do you figure out what it is that you deserve? I mean really, how do you know something like that? Do you get a revelation or something?

I think too much.

  • David

    ive used that line several times. in all cases i used it to end a relationship with someone that liked me way more than i liked them. and what i meant by that it they deserved someone who felt the same way for them, but i didnt elaborate that to them. I just left it at “you deserve better”. May not be the case in your situation but thought id share anyway