I Have A Block

I really want to write…but I can’t.

I start but I can’t finish.

I think everything I put down is lame. And that’s when I actually manage to get something down.

I guess I just haven’t had something to say in a while.

I have been posting on my tumblr tho – check it out – Fab Randomness

I’ve had a bunch of thoughts in my head…but they aren’t coming out right now.

I got a bunch of nervous energy right now & until I do something with it, I’m gonna be struggling…

Here’s hoping my block will be over soon…I miss writing.

See you soon.

  • This happens to me often. It signals a need for a little mental holiday, so I take it. You’ll be back soon! 

  • This happens to all writers. However, you should not feel that what you are writing is lame under any circumstance. Have confidence in your words, even if they are in fact lame. Go back and edit!