I Have A Problem

I picked up mail yesterday…started sorting through all the crap…and what did I find?

Yes, that’s the Holiday 2010 catalog for Michael Kors.


Just when I’m trying to be good & not buy anything, especially handbags…I get this?

Its like Express Mailing some blow to Lindsay Lohan the minute she walks out of jail #nobueno.

So of course I had to look through it, just to torture myself. And I found like 5 things I love. *sigh*

First there was the Oversized ID Chain Shoulder Bag, which comes in Mocha, Snakeskin, Black & White…Mocha is calling my name.

Then there was the Hamilton Satchel.

And the Hamilton Tote.

And the Tatum Boots.

And the Carlie Faux-Fur Boots.


Someone help me please…I have a problem.

  • I LOVE MICHAEL KORS! That Hamilton Handbag… I’ve been drooling over it for a year. I might actually buy it someday.

  • LM

    Be a big girl and toss the book!

  • Reecie

    The Hamilton satchel I peeped in person and it is gorg! I know I’m not helping but I do love it. lol

    • That wasn’t what I was supposed to hear! But thanks, I’m definitely in love with the Hamilton line & I can’t decide btwn the tote & the satchel.