I snapped…..

I went off on a “friend” tonight. A lot of stuff had been building up inside of me, stuff that I just hadn’t verbalized, and it finally came out tonight. I shouldn’t have waited until tonight to say everything, but I’m glad that I finally got everything out.

Basically the source of my issues with this person was the lack of a reciprocal relationship. Everyone that knows me knows that I will do everything in my power for someone, that I’m always there with a listening ear and shoulder to cry on, and that I’m one of those friends who will always be there for you. And I felt like all of that was going to someone who was being selfish and greedy and taking my friendship for granted. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I let out all of my disappointment, anger, and resentment. The sad part is I don’t know if sharing all that actually made any difference. I hope that things will change but chances are they won’t. Ahh, another friendship bites the dust…how freakin sad.

In other news, two of my good friends are expecting! I won’t share initials because its still early, but I’m very excited for both couples…and their little bundles of joy will be getting lots of presents from Auntie Jubilance.