I’m lightweight annoyed……

Cause of a situation with a guy….the guy that I went to visit in Charlotte.

I’m lightweight annoyed that we played this cat and mouse game for months and then he started dating someone and didn’t tell me. What was the point? I mean really, it was so unnecessary, he could have just told me.

Ugh at the whole thing.

And btw, I’m not upset at the fact he has a girlfriend; I kept it going so long as a Plan B type situation. I’m just annoyed that he didn’t tell me, its not like we don’t talk at least a couple times a week.

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for this supposed “man hiatus” to kick in. How many more signs do you need?

  • Anonymous

    Advice from a 33 year old married lady. I have learned…never spend your cash “going to see” any guy. If he don’t send for you that means he is saving his coins for someone else.

  • Melinda

    Read: “He’s just not that into you.” That book is real talk. It will explain basic truth (a truth that most women don’t want to except) that if a man wants to be with you…he’ll make it known…no excuses.

  • sunshyne

    ^^^ Dang, that second post could’ve been for me, too.Feel the annoyance, get past it, but don’t forget the <>reason<> behind your annoyance. He pulled a punk move once by not telling you about who he’s dating, and he’s destined to keep pulling punk moves for a long time.Stay cool, Jubi.