I’m Ready To Start Freelancing, But I’m Afraid To Pitch!

I feel like I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again: I fell into writing by accident. This blogging this started on a lark, as a way to vent about the stress of my PhD program. I didn’t expect to do it long-term, and I didn’t expect anyone to read it. But people did read it, and they kept encouraging me to write. And then I fell into my internship with A Practical Wedding. Over the course of my year-long internship, I learned so much about writing for the web, and got plenty of practice writing different types of pieces – essay, sponsored, roundup, etc.

When I started my internship, my goal was to develop my writing skills so that I could start pitching as a freelancer. I know I gained the skills, but I didn’t gain the confidence! I feel so intimidated by freelancers who have training (like degrees in English) and have published pieces for respected outlets. Beyond my APW community, I don’t have connections to editors. All I’ve got is a list of outlets that I’d love to pitch to and publish in, and a growing list of piece ideas that I’m a bit nervous about.

I think I’m suffering from imposter syndrome. I’m worried that my attempts to pitch will be seen as amateurish. I’m worried that my ideas will be rejected. My fear of rejection is paralyzing me. I haven’t even pitched anything to APW, and I have a blanket invitation! My brain is struggling a bit – I don’t wanna blame it on the baby…but it’s the baby. Maybe when I go back to work, my brain power will come back too? But beyond that, I’m trying to work on getting past my fear and just jumping into freelancing. I know that “no” is the worst thing that can happen, and yet I’m still nervous and afraid to truly put myself out there.

Any tips on how to get over my fear and just do it?


  • Yolanda Stephens

    I like to describe F.E.A.R. as False Evidence Appearing Real. Being a spiritual person, I’ve come to realize this is a trick that the devil uses to hinder us from reaching our divine purpose. Your writing skills are a gift, and to me it comes naturally for you. So, there’s nothing to fear. If an editor is not interested in a particular topic you’ve pitched to them, SO WHAT!! Maybe at that time you’re not the flavor they are looking for. Move on to the next. Writing may be your next career move! Especially since Ms. Josephine is here. I say go for it, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain! I’m rooting for you, don’t allow your fears to serve as a blocking stone…….rather use it to motive and encourage you. I’m rooting for you!!!