Is “Tricking Off” A Gender Neutral Activity Now?

Have you heard the new Brandy – Monica collaboration, It All Belongs To Me?

In this gem of a song, the ladies let their boothang(s) know that he needs to leave his laptop, bags, car, etc behind & just take what he came with, because “it all belongs to me” (or is it them, since they are both singing this song? I digress…).

Is this the new version of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable? Similar theme right – leave the stuff I bought you & get out cause you fucked up.

I might be out of the loop here…but are there really women buying men cars, clothes, laptops & other assorted trinkets in exchange for the longstroke & some companionship? Like really? I am so amazed. You always here about men who do these things, and for some folks it’s expected behavior. But how often do you hear about a woman tricking off on a man?

I admit – this is behavior that I just don’t understand. Sure, I’ve bought a few presents. I’ve paid for some dinners. But financing a lifestyle? Naw, Jubi can’t even get down like that. For one, I’m not ballin like that. And for two, any dude that would let me finance his lifestyle isn’t my type of guy anyway. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be cool with the reverse situation – sure I joke about finding a sugar daddy, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I’d be too weirded out & uncomfortable to allow it to happen. Sure it would be nice to be a lady of leisure, but I would never actually go for it.

The only guy who would be getting high-priced and/or regular gifts from me, would be my husband. Buying the affections of some random guy seems like the fastest route to heartbreak.

So…where are all these women who are tricking off? Cause I don’t know any of these chicks. Are there women out here tricking off on random dudes, or is this one of those totally unrealistic scenarios presented by the music industry?


  • @YeezieTaughtMe

    Yes. Sadly women are out chere tricking like its a habit. Buying men all types of clothes shoes and electronics. After my Ex and I broke up his next girl bought him a flat screen after “dating him” for a few months. I asked for her number cuz she ballin and I need that in my life. If he got a flat screen I’d surely get a car out of her. Lol.

  • Quinne Lowe

    of course it happens, from the lower class chick who moves in her boo that aint working/is trying to get back on his feet to the affluent woman who may not be the best looker… ill never forget this episode of millionare matchmaker where this mudduck essentially picked this tool and during the date, that she planned out and paid for (which if you watch the show is a no no, the men are supposed to lead whether they are the millionare or the date) spoke of how she was going to buy him a motorcycle and shower him with gifts…
    i think it boils down in all cases, men or women tricking, to the fact that they have a major shortcoming somewhere and feel that the only way to compensate it, is by buying lust.
    I hate when rappers say “it aint tricking if you got it”… shiid yes it is. if I was in their position NO WAY I would be out there over-caking chicks when there are women out there who would date me/sleep with me simply because of who I am. Its nothing wrong with taking women to a upscale restaurant or an expensive event occasionally, but to be flying them cross country, buying wardrobes, cars/houses and im not exclusive with you and not trying to be= SUPER-DUPA-FAILURE…
    and because of this cycle, it has caused a warped mentality in society where some women date the dudes that supercakes them and they develop a sense of that should always be done so then the regular dude who wants to holla over-extend himseslf trying to keep up and impress the chick when he shouldnt have to.

  • I guarantee that you know some of these women. Most women aren’t going to brag about buying stuff for the ain’t sh*t dude in their life–ESPECIALLY after they kick him to the curb. Everybody–or, most people, of either sex–have gone out on a limb for somebody in the name of “being nice”. To quote Dwayne Carter, “If I got it to spend, then I got it to give.” 

    And speaking of Mr. Carter, It’s still “tricking if you got it.” But at this stage of the game, people know what they’re paying for. Hailing from the city of sin, I have no issue with grown, consenting adults paying for affection. 

  • moi

    every desperate chick in atl does this…. messing it up for everybody