Its the first of the month…..

Ok, so its really the 3rd, but yall get what I mean. Can you believe its May already? Time is just flying by. Almost half of the year is gone already.

This week I had a fabulous meeting with my immediate supervisor and his boss. Both of them love me (as they should), and I got an opportunity to reiterate my desire to gain as much exposure and experience as possible. My boss’s boss has noted that in my dept, 70% of the staff will be retired in the next 4 years, so there is going to be significant opportunities to start moving up the ranks, and rather quickly. So now is the time to get my ducks in a row, gain the experience and the exposure, so that when a position opens up, I can make some moves.

That’s pretty much the only new thing. I’ve put the man drama on the backburner, so that I could focus on my real job and starting my business. Folks will get info when its time for them to get it.

I lost 4 whole pounds last week! Yay for me!

Oh, let me tell this story real quick. So I went to a community group meeting on Tuesday evening, and they had the director of a local outreach program speak. The director was giving a great talk about all the services they provide the local kids, and I was feeling what he was saying, until he said “We teach the kids that everyone is a leader.” Right there, I was puzzled. How can EVERYONE be a leader? If everyone is leading, then who is following? Its impossible for everyone to be a leader, someone’s got to play the follower. Not everyone has those qualities, no matter how many degrees they have, books they read, programs they go to, etc. Some folks are meant to be followers, and some are meant to be leaders. The problem comes in that there are a lot of adults teaching kids that they can’t be successful or have independent thought without being a leader. Like if you a “follower” then that makes you the fry cook at McDonald’s who needs someone else to think for them. And that’s really no the case. There are plenty of successful, intelligent (in both book and common sense) folks who aren’t leaders…they are followers.

In general, I feel like the word “leader” has become the new buzzword/idea that everyone is trying to throw at the kids, so that they will be inspired to do better….And I’m not really feeling that approach. Mostly because it takes away from the kids who truly are leaders, who have those leadership abilities, and it makes it seem that they are just like everyone else, instead of highlighting the fact that they are special. If everyone is special, then no one is.


  • charmtreese

    you’re great and I enjoy reading your blog!

  • Tonya J

    I agree Jubi…not everyone is a leader and we often don’t teach people the importance of being a good follower. We teach following like its lame or weak when its really not its all apart of being a complete individual. We all need to lead at times and follow at times.

  • Luq

    The funny thing is… I often tell my kids that they aren’t special… and that they’re parents lied to them, because, just like you said… if everyone is special, then no one is.I love disillusioning kids… makes the colors in my day seem a little brighter.🙂

  • sunshyne

    LMAO @ luq for getting off on disillusioning the kiddosJubi: I see where you’re going, but I think the program has a great idea that is being phrased incorrectly. Everyone can be a leader <>under the right circumstances<>. Maybe the kid can lead the class in math, and another kid leads in physical endeavours. The key to being a leader is knowing when to fallback and let someone else lead who might be stronger in that area. Teach the kids <>that!<>However, like you said, everyone cannot be a leader all of the time. If that was the case, then there are never any Indians – just Chiefs.

  • You said you wanted my comments. Shit I'm responding to blog posts in the past like I jumped in that Hot Tub Time Machine, NAHMEAN!? No? Okay sorry.So you're right, everybody can't be a leader, but be careful you aren't leading to the other extreme, which is be great or be quiet. If my boss gives me 3 tasks, and I then go about figuring out what I can do, what I can't do, what others can do to help me, and I come back to the boss when I finished…I just led that (mini?) project to success and completion.Sure, everybody isn't special, or a winner, but at the same time, you don't have to be Trump Gates or Wesley Snipes(HEY….he was probably still cool in '07, hop off) to be doing good work.