Labor Day In Chicago

So LM & I are the queens of last-minute trips, and a few weeks ago we decided to hit Chicago for Labor Day weekend.

I discovered on the trip that my point & shoot digital camera is broken 😥 so I was forced to take pics all weekend on my BB.

No recap this time – just pics!

I got to baggage claim & found LM charging her phone right there in Midway airport baggage claim LOL


We stayed at the Swisshotel - to access the elevator there is a keypad in the elevator bank; you just key-in your floor & the screen tells you which elevator to use #sweet


Had breakfast at Grand Lux Cafe #yummy. They have red velvet pancakes but I was too scared to try them. The chicken & waffles was on point tho!


Yo when is the Twin Cities gonna get a real Chick-Fil-A & not that fake one that is in Coffman???


Please explain to me why "Ms. Chocolatta" is on the back of that SUV???


Old School Vernors sign in the Museum of Science & Industry! #Detroit


We hit the Art Institute of Chicago & I got to visit my fave painting as well as the Miniature Rooms #lovethem


Yo why did Harold's give me this thimble-sized container of coleslaw? That's like 2 bites!


View from the 17th floor of the Swissotel - thanks Chicago for a great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    You do not go to Harold’s for coleslaw! You go there for the chicken! I sure hate the one in North Mpls is closed, but it didn’t close till after I left! Damn that’s some good chicken!