Math & Science finally gets some respect…

After many years of treating math and science like the ugly stepchildren of education, President Bush has finally wised up and signed legislation giving more funding to math and science education. This bill also gives a tax break on R&D research to corporations, doubles funding for basic research in the physical sciences, and gives funding for both adjunct math/science teachers as well as more AP/IB courses in the sciences.

I think this is the first thing the Bush administration has done that I can honestly applaud. For the longest time folks have been screaming about wonderfully creative and brilliant Americans are when it comes to STEM related fields, and they are just now realizing that there requires a significant investment of money, time, education and other resources for that to happen. You can’t become a scientist or engineer overnight; this is something that you need to be exposed to and groomed for, and that happens over a long period of time. I guess folks are starting to realize that we’re importing too much of our technical knowledge, and that those folks are more than happy to leave us once they’ve learned all they can and go back home, where folks are actually willing to let them do their own research and give them money for it.

Let’s see how much of an impact this new legislation can make.

  • loveandlife

    I just came across your blog and I abosutely love it!!! I’m a graduating senior in majoring in Physics and I agree that this legislation is long overdue.