My First Raphael Saadiq Show

Over the weekend  I got to see an artist that’s been on my list for a long time – Raphael Saadiq.

I was a huge fan during his Tony!Toni!Tone! days. And the Lucy Pearl days. When he went solo I remained a fan. I’ve been really digging his laid-back, throw-back type sound. We need more soul music nowadays.

Originally this show was supposed to be on the plaza at Cabooze (meaning outside) but they wound up moving the show inside & pushing the start time back. Saturday turned out to be a beautiful warm day so they should have done it outside. Anyway, I met my homies KA, AE & JE at the venue, and another friend met us there later (she left her ticket at home & had to go all the way back to get it!).

The doors opened at 8pm, and we were able to get a good spot near the stage. Unfortunately, we had to wait about 2 hours before the show began #bummer. I dressed appropriately in bermuda shorts, a cute top & sandals, but a couple of the homies had on heels & I know their feet were on fire by the end the night, cause mine were.

Show started abt 1015pm & once it began, it was amazing! I loved every minute of it. Band was great, and the backup singers sounded amazing & had some cute dance moves.

Raphael did  not disappoint, in fact he outdid himself. He did a lot of music from his new album, Stone Rolling, as well as the previous album, The Way I See It. He also took about 15 mins to do some of his early hits, including “Anniversary”, “Dance Tonight”, “You Should Be Here”, and “Ask Of You”.Everything sounded so good, and I danced & sang along all night. I hadn’t heard his new album before the concert, but it gave me an old school rock vibe, like Chuck Berry & Ike Turner back in the 50’s.

Some pics:

After performing for about 90 minutes, everyone left the stage, but they were right back out for the encore, and they did probably another hour of music #loveit. Check out Raphael’s costume change!

By the end of the night my ears were ringing crazy, my feet hurt, and I was dead tired…but it was all worth. Raphael Saadiq puts on a great show & I’m so glad I finally got to see him. If I get the chance to see him again I will definitely be there.

Now to figure out what my next concert will be…hmmm….any suggestions?

  • I too was at the show and it was capacity.  During the wait I was up in the loft area talking to the people around us about what small venue R&B acts we need to get to the Twin Cities.  Eric Roberson was the overwhelming favorite followed by the Foreign Exchange.  We need to start some sort of grass roots campaign to get them to come to the TC.  

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been lobbying Foreign Exchange HARD on Twitter for a Mpls show. They told me that they couldnt find a venue or booker to book them, but I find that so hard to believe given how many fans they have here. I’m all for getting them & Eric Roberson to Minneapolis – let me know how I can help!