My Night With Donald Glover+Childish Gambino – Closing Night Of the IAMDONALD Tour

I discovered Donald Glover and his rap alter ego Childish Gambino earlier this year, thanks to the music blog Pigeons and Planes. From the first time I heard the Culdesac mixtape, I was hooked & became a fan. When I learned that Minneapolis was a stop on his IAMDONALD tour, I snapped up some tickets. After 2 months of waiting (yes I really did have my tickets that far in advance), it was finally show time.

The show was a general admission/standing room only show at the Varsity Theater. It was my first time at this venue, and I really liked it. I got the Varsity around 5pm, to get a good spot in line so that I could get as close to the stage as possible. My new friend NR showed up about an hour later & we chatted & shared some Five Guys while we waited for the doors to open. Once the doors opened, we had a great spot right in the front, centered right at the mic. NR & I made some friends with the people we met in line, and we definitely had to work together to guard our space at the front of the stage. The entire night random folks, kept trying to sneak their way past us in the front, including this White guy who was acting like a total groupie, but we didn’t let that go down.

Before the show started, some stupid girl in the row behind us pulled out her flask & was immediately escorted out by security #sucksforher. That seemed like a dumb move to me.

The show started about 15 mins late, but once it finally got going it was great. There was a short film & then Donald Glover came out & did some standup. It was really funny; he told some jokes about things that had happened earlier in the tour, and a really hilarious story about meeting Reggie Bush.

Some shots from the comedy part:

The transition between the comedy and the music was via this hilarious video that featured Donald, Future Donald, and Future Future Donald. It was so funny & really cute. Once that ended, the band came out & the music started.

One thing I noticed was that for every single song, you could hear the entire audience singing every.single.word. For an artist that doesn’t have a deal, doesn’t have his songs played on the radio, doesn’t have videos on MTV, an artist that is solely known for his music thanks to the Internets & word of mouth – that was just AMAZING to me.

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino was a ball of energy all night – dancing, jumping around, giving his all to every song #loveit. His band was just an energized & the crowd fed on that energy. Every song sounded amazing & was so entertaining.

Some pics from the music:

After the original set, Donald & the band came out for an encore that was even more bananas. I also got a GREAT view of a shirtless Donald Glover & let me tell you, he is yummy delicious. He could definitely get it…not just for the sexy nerd swag, but because of his body – he has those cuts on the side #swoon.

Pics from the encore:

So after waiting 2 months for the show date, and waiting 3 hours for the show to start, was it worth it! ABSOLUTELY. I had a great great great time & enjoyed every moment of the show. I laughed, I sang, I even held Donald’s hand when he was standing right in front of me #swoon. I loved seeing him in person & I love his music & comedy even more now.

Yall know how I stan for Drake…well I think he just got demoted by Donald Glover/Childish Gambino.


  • “M. Night Shyamalan…presents….SH*T!”

    LOL!! I swear I still laugh at that to this day. Glad you had a great time – you sound exactly how I did when I finally got to see him in Baltimore (DC sold out immediately!). And yeah, the Reggie Bush story…HAAAAAA!!!! (“I just spent your $100 on some P****Y!”)

    But on a serious note, I was into him after my ex turned me on to “Community.” Then I found out in March that he rapped. I downloaded “EP,” and was HOOKED. Then a week later I found “Culdesac.” Then his earlier stuff (“Poindexter,” “Sick Boi,” “I Am Just a Rapper,” “I Am Just a Rapper 2”). Needless to say, I’m a full-fledged Gambino Girl now. Finally, an artist I can really relate to.

    A friend of mine said it best: He literally touched on just about every struggle I’ve ever experienced (us nerdy Blacks get White and not Black enough entirely too often and boy does it hurt…) and growing up just trying to be me. His lyricism, his delivery, his samples of indie tracks and his showmanship are impeccable, even in their imperfection. I’m going to be a fan of his always. Fuck rap cool.

    P.S. – He can definitely get it. Whispering quantum physics methods in my ear and all that. LOL