My Style Evolution

I noticed a few months ago that my style/fashion sense has completely changed.

Over the years I’ve gone through several transformations, which mostly have been tied to my body shape and how I feel about it. I’ve gone from the baggy clothes, to the cute dressy look everyday, back to baggy clothes during my grad school years. Now that I’m a real grown-up (how crazy is that) my style has evolved to a more classic, almost preppy look. The stores I frequent has changed, and my closet looks completely different than what it used to.

I’ve given up the “trendy” cheap stores in favor of stores that offer a more classic style & more classic pieces. A few years ago I would have never shopped in Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, and now those are 2 of my favorite stores. I have a ton of cardigans, simple button-ups or polos, and skirts, when I used to be a simple jeans and t-shirt girl.

Has your style evolved or changed? What things do you love now that you didn’t like before?

  • Elliott

    I know what you mean. I’ve been spending a lot of time jcrew lately, which is totally corny.I’m a little surprised that you shop at banana republic, I didn’t think they actually made any clothes that fit black people. Or at least people with ass :-

  • Reecie

    My style hasn’t changed in the last 4 years or so…but I do remember some stores I loved back in college I rarely shop in, for instance the Gap and Express. Now I’m more of a BR girl. But I’ve always liked JCrew and UO and still frequent those stores…I think my look has got more mature, but the spirit behind is still the same…I still just wear clothes I like… really girly but not too trendy…I think I’ll always be that way. My work style is way different than my leisure style though….I wear more dresses and skirts….I also wear more jewelry/accessories but still not too often.

  • Luq

    You know how i’ve changed… I go in stores I used to clown now. And I wear sweaters, which I never used to do. I’m all about incorporating my t-shirts and sneakers into the classic “american” preppy look…