Notes On The New Job

So I started the new job one week ago #yay and its been quite an experience. First, I have once again completely changed industries. I’ve also changed my career path, going from a very technical role to a slightly technical role. I’ve left chemistry behind & now I’m doing process improvement & project management in supply chain (think Six Sigma). I’ll still be using my skills in data analysis and¬†process improvement, but without the hassle of the lab. I’ve also changed locations – I’m still in the Twin Cities, but I’ve gone from a manufacturing site way out in the burbs, to a high-rise building in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

So…I’ve had a lot of change lately! New position, new career path, new company, new industry, new location…and even new wardrobe. With all this change I’ve made some observations about this experience.

* Remember that post I did about 5 things my new job would allow me to do? Well this job satisfies a lot of those. I no longer work in a lab, so goodbye to my safety shoes, safety glasses & lab coats! I also have to wear nice clothes to work, as my company has a business professional dress code. I’ll be wearing a lot more dresses, skirts & suits to the office. I won’t be doing a ton of travel in my new position, but I do have a trip soon & I get to go on one of the corporate jets!

* The cultures btwn my last job & my new job are like night & day – I went from an industrial company that was big on “results above everything else” to a company that places relationships & collaboration above everything else. Because of that, I’m spending my first few weeks simply meeting people I’ll interface with regularly & building those relationships. This is completely different from my last experience, when I was thrown into the deep end with no context or understanding of what I was doing. My new company seems much more interested in developing talented employees & recognizing those who do great work, which I appreciate.

* Working downtown is awesomeness – I socialize a lot downtown so I was familiar with the area, but I had no idea how awesome it would be to work down here. First, I can commute into work via an express bus, bypassing the stress of rush hour traffic & the expense of parking. Next, there are so many stores, shops & restaurants here, and it’s totally fine for me to take 30 mins out of my day & pick up something from Macy’s or Barnes & Noble. And with the skyway system, I can go all over downtown without having to go outside. In my actual building, I work near the top (>30th floor) and my phone works in my office! \o/ And I’m no longer freezing to death like I was in my office, in fact, I’m a bit warm up here.

* I couldn’t have the new job without the old job – As much as I whined, complained & straight up hated the old job, I absolutely would not have the skills for the new job without it. I realized last year that I was meant to learn something from my last job & until I did, I wasn’t going to move on. I learned a ton in that job – about handling adversity, how to manage my manager, and lots of technical things like Six Sigma & project management. I learned & grew a lot & that’s never comfortable. I had a lot of growing pains, but I grew a lot from that experience.

I’m only a week in, but so far I’m enjoying this new experience. I’m just trying to make connections & soak up as much as I can.

  • Good deal. We are where we are for a reason!¬†

  • Cyn

    Congrats! Glad you like it!

  • Monique R

    Congrats! Looking forward to hearing the tales of the new job.