Should I Do A Video Post?

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a video blog post.

Originally the idea was MC’s – well actually his idea was to do a UStream, together. I’d totally be down, but he lives in Atlanta & I live in Minneapolis & IDK how that’s gonna work.

So anyway, if I did a short (emphasis on short) video post, would you watch it?

Any suggestions on what to talk about?

FTR, I think a UStream w/MC would be hilarious…

  • ImperiousImages

    Of course I would.
    Are you not concerned about concealing your identity? or at this point I guess it doesn’t matter?

  • Monique

    Um, yes to both! I think a video post would be awesome. Give us a readers a chance to see ya. And as far as Ustream, schedule a time that works for both you, record and post.