Sometimes Its Just Too Much….

I’ve reached my limit. I’m at information overload when it comes to certain topics.

First, I am SO VERY TIRED with every Black blog needing to discuss whats wrong with Black love, Black relationships, why we dont date each other, why we dont date each other, why Black women need to date interracially, why Black women arent getting married, blah blah blah. I’m SO OVER IT….

I love reading lots of different blogs, but I swear, every Black blogger in their late 20’s/early 30’s is giving their two cents on Black relationships. And sometimes, great discussion is sparked, and I get to thinking about my own life. But most of the time, its just crap. Yeah, I said it, its CRAP. Its a simplistic rehashing of the topic and then the writer’s friends log-on and co-sign it, even when its a mess. That’s not a meaningful dialogue. Not to mention, how many times can we discuss the same things over and over? I mean, seriously….

We’re all intelligent, educated, well-rounded people, so why is relationships the only topic that we can find? Can’t we find even one other topic to discuss?

Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if the topics weren’t all so pessimistic. But lately it has seemed like so many blogs have focused on the negative, especially when it comes to Black women. Highlighting what we need to do to get a man, keep a man, get a man to propose to us, get a man to not be an absent father, yada yada yada. It seems like every post is an admonishment for the ladies, and a primer on how to get it right so you wont end up part of the percentage that isnt married.


Is all that really necessary? I mean, reaally?

Can’t we just BE for a little bit? Just relax and date and be social and have fun and work on ourselves and our careers, without the stress of carrying relationship burdens around? I gotta say, some of these blogs were making me question myself, and I got real close to drinking the damn Kool-Aid myself.

I implore my fellow Black bloggers to look at other topics…PLEASE. For our sanity. Cause I’m officially relationship’d out. I can’t take it anymore.

  • melette

    Preach!! Everybody is a relationship expert these days.