Stop Complaining and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So Bank of America (BoA) recently announced that they are going to start charging account holders $5 to use their debit cards.

People got mad. People started blogging. People started talking about how they were gonna leave BoA & go to a local bank or credit union & how they weren’t gonna support BoA anymore.

And then this came out – Online Banking Keeps Customers on Hook for Fees. In short, customers are complaining but NOT leaving BoA & other big banks…because they find it too inconvenient to change their online bill pay options.

Seriously people?

You lazy fucks are why BoA, JPMorganChase, SunTrust & other big banks are posting these huge profits, even though just a few years ago they were crying broke & proclaiming they’d never make another dollar without a bailout.

It’s really not that hard to switch banking institutions. I’ve done it several times, most recently when I moved from FL to MN. Changing my direct deposit was a breeze & took all of 5 minutes. Setting up my new account for my online bill pays took maybe 2-3 minutes at each site I use (I choose to do online bill pay through each individual bill’s website, rather than my credit union). Got my new debit card & checks in the mail on time. What’s so hard about that?

The lack of  follow-through with people who are upset with big banks highlights a greater issue – most people talk a good game but will never back it up. They’ll hem & haw, whine & complain, but when it comes to actually taking a stand & making a change, they wilt. Ugh. You see it all the time, whether it’s complaints about the political system or unhappiness with the way a company does business (especially when you receive bad service). How many people do you personally know that have been treated poorly by a company, and yet continue to give that same company their $$$? I know a lot of people who do that, and I don’t understand the behavior.

What happened to sticking to your principles? And more importantly, what happened to doing what’s in YOUR best interest?

Seems like people have missed that memo.

  • Anonymous

    People are lazy, and people like to think that talking = action. Nope.

    I’m surprised anyone has an account with bank of america. I has one years ago, and the horrific treatment made me close everything out.  I won’t even buy a giftcard sponsored by BOAs subsidiaries, my hatred is so intense.

  • I’m not going anywhere. People can preach and scream all they want. I have everything exactly where I want it and I’m not moving anything anywhere. 

    BofA had to pay billions in settlements due to issuing predatory home loans. No one cared. No one left in droves because of that. A $5 that affects THEM and all of a sudden, they care! Protests! Blogs! Movements! Let’s go to the bank, cause a scene and get arrested! #Occupysomeshit! 
    Lol, whatever. I guess I am a lazy fuck cause I ain’t moving all my shit for a $5 fee. I don’t like the credit unions here and I DEFINITELY don’t like their online bill pay options. It keeps my bills paid and on time and since I am still healing my credit, $5 is what I am gon’ pay to keep the train on the tracks. I pay more than that for credit monitoring. Not to mention that every bank is going to follow suit, so lemme see what it looks like after the dust settles and make my decision then.