Such excitement in my life….

I can hardly contain myself…..

First, I got the phone I’ve been lusting after for months…That’s right folks, I finally got my Moto Q! I am so excited to have this phone. Its the all in one PDA phone that I’ve been wanting and really needing. I also ordered a Bluetooth headset from, which I just got today, so I’ll have to report back on how it works.

Last night I came home from working at both my jobs to find that my apartment was flooded. There was a leak coming from the upstairs apartment, and since no one lives up there, it just kept leaking and leaking until it finally came through. Every room except my living room has been damaged, so as of right now, I’m living in my living room (funny huh?). Right now there are 4 blowers and 2 dehumidifiers going, which is driving me crazy and also freezing me to death. This sucks. I hope I don’t get sick from the mold. And I am definitely getting a mildew smell in my bedroom, they have to do something about it. And I need to take pictures of the damage while I still can.

I took a break from the man hiatus, but only briefly….but I’m tired of writing so I’ll have to blog about that another day…