The Cheek Kiss

Everyone has something that is their “thing” right? A signature word/phrase/activity/mannerism that is unique to them…or at least unique enough that the folks they know associate it to them.

I’m known for a lot of things…like telling people they need to do better & to get their lives together…the word “fabulous”…but with the fellas I’m known for one special move: the cheek kiss.

That’s right, I’m all about getting a kiss on the cheek.

I don’t even remember how it started…but somehow it became “my thing”. I point to my cheek, & they know what to do, LOL. My friend QL said its kinda cougarish, LMAO. I think its cute. I love getting a kiss on the cheek from a guy, its like being a little kid again. Its sweet & endearing & completely non-sexual.

I give cheek kisses too, but I’d rather receive one. A cheek kiss from a guy that you like, that also likes you back? That is the bestest.

Anybody else into cheek kisses?

  • i don't really do the cheek kiss thing. i have a few female friends who do that. i don't think anything of it. they are affectionate people. now i'm going to start paying more attention to it. lol

  • I do forehead kisses more so than cheek kisses. Those aren't just willy-nilly tho

  • I like all kinds of kisses! lol. I give kisses to my friends and family all the time–cheeks, foreheads–oh don't let it be a baby, I'm stealing all the kisses! but I don't really want guys that aren't my man kissing my face. I don't think I would be turned off by one but I don't think I would solicit it. I'm actually more of a hugger than anything…

  • LM

    I'm not really big on cheek kisses but a forehead kiss. Gurl, I'm all about it!!! It's something about a guy planting a soft one right smack on the forehead. But like Reecie said, not just any guy can do that…it will not have the same effect as a guy I'm feeling and who is feeling me.

  • Forhead kissed….The Best ManFoe some reason it screams sincere