The Next Step In My Natural Hair Journey

In the fall of 2008, I decided I was ready to transition to natural hair. I had received relaxers since I was 4 or 5 years old (with the pics to prove it!) and I tired of straight boring hair. I wanted to see my natural texture & have the big beautiful hair that I had seen on other women. So I had my last relaxer in December 2008, and began transitioning.

I initially planned to transition for a year, but I quickly learned that my natural texture was the exact opposite of my relaxed hair, and the two textures did not play nicely. By the end of April 2009, I had completely given up & decided to chop off my hair. I went from bra-strap length relaxed hair to a one inch fro in the span of about an hour. After I got over the original shock, I loved it. Having such short hair was a big change, but I embraced the journey.

Since I’ve been natural, I’ve loved the experience. I’ve gone from hair that was short that all I could do was a wash-and-go, to now being armpit length. I’ve done twists, braids, updos, straightened, & more. But after almost 3 years, I’m feeling ready to do something I never thought I would do.

I think I’m ready to loc my hair.

I never ever wanted locs when I was relaxed. I didn’t want them even when I big chopped. I really wanted to reach my length goals as a loose natural, because I love versatility & I get bored easily. But as I continue in my length journey, I’m feeling the same way I did when I was relaxed & contemplating going natural. I kept seeing beautiful heads of natural hair & I would think “ooh I want that hair”. I’m doing the same thing now, every time I see a beautiful set of locs I immediately want to run out & start my own.

I have no idea where to begin or how I want to start – there are so many options! Comb coils, two-strand twists, microbraids, sisterlocks…All are great but I have no idea which one would be best for me. Right now I’m thinking either sisterlocks or microbraids, because I want smaller locs & also the versatility that they bring. I also don’t like the look of comb coils #nothingpersonal.

So…any loc’ers got any advice? Tips? Blogs I should check out? Twin Cities readers, any recs on shops? Thanks!

  • Andrew

    I’m worried….

  • LaTonya

    Hi Jubi,
    This is your Soror, Tonya J., from Georgia Tech.  Anywho, I just started my sisterlocks a week ago and the only thing I can tell you about your length of hair and sisterlocks is that a consultant will probably charge you an arm and a leg (at least they would if you were in Atlanta).  I’m not sure aobut the prices in the Twin Cities.  But the person who did mine and when I was checking prices they usually had a set price for 4 inches of hair or shorter and then it got more expensive the more hair you had.  I started with 8 inches of all natural hair. 
    If you want smaller sized locs, there are other ways to start them that are cheaper.  I’ve seen where some people have went to a braider and had them install tiny braids and you can go to a loctician and have them start your locks by interlocking but have them size the locs small.
    Check out
    Its a site that lists a bunch of people’s blogs that are all about loc’d hair.  You may be able to start with one person’s blog and find other blogs through that person as well.