The one thing missing from my life…

Is discipline.
– Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
– Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training; self-control.
– Control obtained by enforcing compliance or order.
– A systematic method to obtain obedience: a military discipline.
– A state of order based on submission to rules and authority: a teacher who demanded discipline in the classroom.
– Punishment intended to correct or train.
– A set of rules or methods, as those regulating the practice of a church or monastic order.
– A branch of knowledge or teaching.

I used to be so disciplined in my life. I was much better at following a schedule and a plan and doing what I had to do. I got a job and some money and I’ve gotten uber lazy. Its like I can’t do anything, cause I have too many options.

In college I used to be up at 5 AM to be at work by 6 AM. I NEVER bought myself new clothes cause I had to worry about bills and rent. I hustled and did everything that I had to do, cause I was on that broke college student trying to graduate grind. Grad school made me lazier, but being a working woman has made me REALLY LAZY. I can’t commit to anything. I try to set goals for myself and then I break them as soon as I set them. Ugh. I need to get my stuff together.