What Happened To #TeamBlackberry?

Does anybody still use these anymore?

I am a member of #teamblackberry, and have been a loyal fan for a while. Over the past several years I’ve had several different smartphones, beginning with a Treo (don’t judge – in like 2005 those joints were hot!), but BB’s have been my fave so far. Right now I’m working with a BB Bold, which works well for me.

Apparently though, lots of #teamblackberry folks haven’t been feeling the love anymore, and are jumping ship. Everyday on my BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) I see status messages about leaving Blackberry. #Teamblackberry members have abandoned RIM for Android smartphones and iPhones.

That makes me sad.

If everybody leaves #teamblackberry, then who am I gonna talk to on BBM?

I certainly get why folks are leaving. Those damn Android phones are so seductive, with their touchscreens and Android apps & whatnot. And then there’s that phone made by Apple, which I don’t get the hype about but other ppl love. Awesome. Yes, I know RIM has slipped on development of new BB’s, new features, new apps, etc.

As much as I love my BB Bold, I could be persuaded to jump ship for the right phone. I only haven’t because the EVO is way too damn big to fit into my cute purses, and I refuse to get AT&T or Verizon service – Sprint’s Simply Everything plans fit my budget very well thank you. But with everyone leaving BB, looks like I may have to make a choice soon myself.

Have you left #teamblackberry or are you thinking about it? Why are you leaving? What would RIM have to come out with to make you stay or come back?

  • I’m thinking about getting either the Android or the iPhone. I’d always liked the iPhone, but I don’t like AT&T, so I said the only way I’d get one is if Verizon started carrying it (I like Verizon’s network). Sure enough, they released it, but I’m not in a rush to get one yet because the first batch always has glitches. We’ll see what happens this fall.

    • Anonymous

      I still iPhone users are douchebags, but that’s just me. That’s mainly the reason why I refuse to get one.

  • Trekei/Trevor

    It was a sinking ship,had to jump out, word is RIM will be releasing the BBM app forother platforms

    • Anonymous

      If RIM releases BBM for other platforms, I will be all over it.

    • I’d love this, too! 

  • Arien Young

    I’m thinking about getting rid of mine. If Blackberrys were cheaper I’d probably keep getting them, but they’re usually the same price as other smartphones but with almost none of the fun. Please I have an old Bold with a trackball, and it keeps getting stuck. Plus my phone randomly freezes when I’m lost and trying to use Google Maps >-[. Once my next upgrade comes along, I may move up to the Torch, may go to something else. But i know that Blackberry isn’t doing NEARLY enough to keep my business

    • Anonymous

      Why are you using Google Maps? I’m all abt that Sprint Navigation on my Bold & I don’t have any problems with it. And I used to have a trackball issue but now that I have the Bold with the trackpad, I’m good.

  • LM

    I am still on #teamblackberry. So we can still chat on BBM.

    My next phone will probably be one with the Android OS. BlackBerry would step its game up to keep me – better OS and tighter apps.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’m thinking my next phone is gonna be an Android too. I would have already gotten the EVO if it wasn’t so big! Don’t they know women need to carry small purses sometimes?

  • Anonymous

    Can you delete my comment please??? I signed in with the wrong account.

    • Anonymous

      Done! Delete this one too?

  • Anonymous

    I left because Android is better. Lol. I had iPhone first but the iOS is just too closed. Android is far more open, and has a great Dev community behind it. Win-win. I will 100% support BBM when it goes cross platform, though. Best and only thing BB has going for it. Other than that? RIM is a dinosaur.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah everyone has been singing the praises of Android & it looks like I’mma have to make the leap at some point.

  • i’ll always have a blackberry. i’ll be getting the iPhone 5 when it drops but that just means that i’ll have 2 phones. i love my blackberry. *shrug*

    • Anonymous

      Why are you gonna have 2 phones?

  • monique

    I jumped ship at the beginning of the year. I tend to get a new phone every Feb and the droids were calling me like crack. Once my new baby was in my possession, I was literally questioning why I wasn’t there sooner. The phone does everything. It’s literally my laptop in my palm. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much or unable to do somethign because of my tiny screen. I love my Tmobile Mytouch 4g. I could never go back to BB, even though we love each other.

  • Andrew

    I still have my Blackberry Tour and dont plan in leaving RIM anytime soon.  With Verizon, I have nothing but praise for what I can do that others seem to fail at.  I can walk and talk in damn near every building I go in and never have issues with dropped calls.  I can tether with ease which I am currently doing now while I type this reply.  Compound the fact that the Playbook is a RIM device and you have a more than ample reasons to stay with Blackberry.I have both my regular number and my google voice on my phone as well as 2 google email accounts.  Add that to the google maps app and I am more than connected to the world.

    • Anonymous

      Yay! At least I’ll have you & LM to talk to on BBM, lol

  • I was ride or die for a 4-5 years, but as the newer OS platforms have come out, I’ve grown bored with the Blackberry OS. I was trying to hold on, but much of RIM’s development went into the Playbook (which I have by the way) when I was waiting for a new smartphone to purchase.

    Because of this I left and purchased an Android device, as I liked how well it works with all of Google’s services, which many of them I use. Plus it is now getting as much App support as the iPhone, so I have access to apps, I would have to wait forever for still on Blackberry.

    I might come back, but only when RIM revamps the smartphone OS it uses. QNX on the Playbook is very nice, if I see it done right on a new Blackberry, I might be back…

    • Anonymous

      You are the only person I know with a Playbook – do you like it or would you rather have an iPad or another tablet?

      • I definitely don’t want an iPad. The only other tablet that really has my attention is the HP TouchPad. I’m happy with the Playbook though. I like using it, just waiting for some more top tier apps to come out for it, like Evernote, Pandor, etc.

  • I need more out of a phone than a good keyboard and BBM. RIM is lagging behind on a lot of basic features and Google has been killing it as of late. 

  • I still have my Berry, but use my iPhone a LOT. Some things the Berry does much better, like copying/pasting from the web but most of the time I use my iPhone. I bought it as something to play with and it has slowly taken over my cell phone life! I’m a little bit over the iPhone but I don’t see a Droid I can’t live without. Frankly, I have another year before my AT&T contract is up and then I might go Boost or MetroPCS. I’m not even kidding, yo!