What’s In My Headphones

I’ve gotten up on a bunch of stuff lately thanks to a couple friends & the Twitter.

  1. Drake”s Young Sweet Jones – basically a compilation of Drake’s latest tracks & a couple remixes of stuff from Thank Me Later.  Been bumping “Paris Morton Music”, “You Know, You Know” and “Greatness” the most.
  2. Emily King’s East Side Story – shoutout to Reecie from The Soundtrack of My Life for putting me on.  Reecie highlighted Emily on a recent blog post & I checked her out.  I dig her sound.
  3. Foreign Exchange’s first single from their new album, “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me”…that is my song right there.  I can’t wait for their new album Authenticity to drop.
  4. YaZarah’s album The Ballad of Purple St. James – I got this from my friend AS & I love it!  Great album, and a great voice.
  5. DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Summertime mixtape – Yes I know the summer is over, but I got up on that late & therefore its still getting play on my iPod.  Its a great mix of songs & I’m always dancing whenever I throw it on.
  6. Paramore – the previously mentioned AS also hooked me up with all three of their albums for my collection.  I had liked what I heard from them previously but just had never gotten around to adding them to my iPod.

So what have you been listening to lately?  Anything I need to add to my iPod?

  • Dang, I didn’t know one of FE’s new tracks leaked. I have to get that. YaZarah’s album is hot. I got it as soon as it dropped. Paramore is the truth! my brothers put me on to them and I’ve been hooked since.

  • I haven’t listened to the Yazarah since it came out. I need to revisit.

    over the weekend I listened to the new Bilal, and I also need to get into the John Legend & The Roots project. I’ll probably upload those to my ipod or burn CDs for my upcoming road trip.