What’s Your Definition of “Thirsty”?

It seems like “thirsty” has become the new hot word in 2011. Everyday I see it on FB, Twitter & blogs; hear it in conversation, and even in BBM’s & emails. I started thinking about the “thirst” phenomenon because of  a recent experience.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am the object of a crush. The guy is very sweet, and he tells me that he likes me, thinks I’m beautiful, etc. But every compliment is either prefaced or followed with “I’m not trying to seem thirsty”. At first I thought he was just being funny, but after a while I just thought, “Really dude?”

When did it become thirsty to tell the object of your affections that you like them, find them attractive, etc, in a 1-on-1 conversation?

When I think of thirsty behavior, I think of someone who goes completely overboard in their quest for either a specific person or for attention in general. We’ve all seen it – that one guy on FB who writes a sonnet on every single pic that a woman posts; or that woman who constantly Twitpics herself in an effort to get attention. That is clearly a cry for attention & going overboard. What makes this behavior thirsty is the desperation factor – just as a person who is dying of thirst (literally) will drink ANYTHING, those who exhibit thirsty behavior appear to solicit attention from anywhere they can get it. There is no discernment or selectivity, it’s all about getting attention from the opposite sex.

Sharing how you feel about a person, to the person, can never be thirsty IMO. Everyone likes to hear compliments right? Everyone wants to know how the person they like or are dating feels about them right? Or is it just me? Sharing with the world or in a public venue, constantly, is probably #doingtoomuch. But sharing just with the person who you’re feeling? #Notthirsty. To me, that’s normal behavior when you like someone. Granted, I don’t want to have those mushy “how do you feel about me?” talks everyday, but it is  good to know how someone feels about you, provided that what is said is coupled with actions that also demonstrate that. I’d much rather know that a man finds me attractive, beautiful, awesome, etc than to wonder & question it.

Are men really worried about being viewed as thirsty by the woman they like? Are women telling me to stop with the compliments & whatnot cause they look thirsty? I’m trying to understand where this aversion to any behavior that can be construed as thirsty & the need for a disclaimer came from. This is almost as bad as the “no homo” phenomenon.

It seems like every man out here is so worried about appearing thirsty that they are hesitant to give a woman a compliment! Granted this is totally based on anecdotal evidence, but I can’t help but wonder if what Ive been seeing is part of a larger trend, or simply isolated to the men I know. Is this a nationwide trend, or are these men just confused between thirst & compliments?

When you’re dating someone, or just have a crush, is there such a thing as being thirsty for them? And what does that entail? Is simply giving a compliment considered thirsty behavior? Or is it all about doing it in a public venue? Thoughts?

  • Blade Brown

    Yeah, I think the word “thirsty” is becoming the new go-to word to describe affection but I also think it’s mostly the women that are the cause of the guys being so scared to speak their feelings. Sometimes a man will say to a chick ” You’re so beautiful, I love the way you look, and etc” and a woman will think they’re being funny or don’t sincerely mean it. Which brings me to my point, some women do not know HOW to take a compliment. Therefore they never let their guard down to be admired and their defense to everything said is “If you don’t get yo THIRSTY ass on with weak lines.” Trust me, it happens all the time. So after seeing, hearing, or being apart of something like that, men start to generalize women and start to watch out for their feelings by stating “I don’t want you to think I’m thirsty or nothing” before a compliment.

    “Thirsty” is the new “hater”= Nobody knows how to use it correctly anymore.

  • Chris Bommer

    It’s simple. Among white people thirsty means you wanna get fu&3ed up with some alcohol. Hence the saying “Thirsty Thursday’s. Among minorities it basically means someone wants to have sex really bad right?? I wouldn’t really know.